Faively Plast Beauty

Our Beauty Business Unit designs, develops and industrialises solutions for caps, sticks, boxes and dispensers combining finish and functionality for the luxury, perfume, cosmetics and spirits markets.
Specialised in the injection and decoration of aesthetic plastic parts, our ambition is to accompany our customers in their digital and ecological transitions.
Our strategy is based on the expertise and know-how of our employees and a 40-year presence in these markets.

Manufacturing know-how

FaiveleyTech is your partner in developing packaging for your bottles.


• Perfumes
• Cosmetics
• Liquors & Spirits
• Miniatures

FaiveleyTech products range from standard to specific, high-end closures.
Our perfect mastering of injection moulding, decorating and assembling technologies will make your projects a reality.

Deodorant sticks and roll-on sticks

We offer a full range of standard sticks and roll-on sticks for the selective market.

These products can also be customised using a variety of decorating options: screen printing, hot stamping, image transfer, adhesive labels, etc. We can further extend our range by applying sleeves, whether blank or decorated with oriented image transfer.

Luxury boxes & cases

Plastic injection moulding enables us to make high-end boxes & cases with nice results in terms of technicality and aesthetics. We offer both customisable standard products and bespoke solutions.

Technical expertise

Raw materials used

Thermoplastic materials such as NAS SAN, PS, ABS PMMA, PCTG PCTA Surlyn, PBT PA PP stat PE POM; mineral filled materials, etc.

Technical injection moulding

Injection moulding of aesthetic and precision parts with premium positioning, for small- and large-scale production.

Injection moulding of thick-walled parts

Our expertise in injection moulding enables us to produce very thick parts.

IMD injection

This process combines moulding with image transfer in one operation.

Bi-material moulding

This process involves bonding several raw materials together, whether chemically or mechanically.


This process combines lining and moulding in one operation for any parts, such as ballasts or plastic inserts, to provide either an inclusion or a surface tightness effect.


Hot stamping, screen printing, pad printing, image transfer.


Multiple components are assembled in automatic and semi-automatic mode.

Cast and machined polyester

Drawn from our on-hands know-how, this technology enables us to offer various in-the-mass translucent or opaque vein finishes, in an increasing variety of shapes.

Expert support

Co-design of components

We are developing an eco-active strategy using eco-designed, eco-friendly and affordable solutions (with regenerated materials).


We provide turn-key solutions using standard or specific robot cells adapted to your capacity requirements, with semi-automatic or fully-automatic assembling modules.

Full service

We provide a wide range of services, such as line-side components management for products, packaging and workflow.

  • Innovation
  • Co design
  • Industrialisation
  • Full service

Quality Mindset

  1. Faiveley Plast POLICYPOLICYIn our opinion, quality encompasses everything that contributes to client satisfaction, which lies at the heart of our system. Quality reflects FaiveleyTech eagerness to go the extra mile together in order to achieve excellence in all respects. As manufacturers, we also believe that we must show due respect for the environment and build a sustainable organisation.
  2. Faiveley Plast CertificationsCertificationsISO 9001 /ISO 14001
  3. Faiveley Plast QUALITY CONTROLQUALITY CONTROLWe use the same quality management methods as the markets we serve. Such methods can be complex or simple, depending on our clients' expectations.
  4. Faiveley Plast CONTROL PROCESSESCONTROL PROCESSESWe have a wide array of control processes, both generic and specific to our strategy, while others are also embedded in the manufacturing process.