At FaiveleyTech, innovation is a state of mind, an overall vision and a way of operating that goes beyond the technical side and is also expressed in man management. The implementation of new management methods are issues the group is tackling head-on.

To develop our technical expertise, an innovation unit has been set up to organise a permanent watch to anticipate the trends, the needs and the development opportunities.

The innovation unit currently has three main missions:

The development of own solutions by means of an organised and permanent technology watch

Collaboration with carefully selected clusters and partners, enabling us to set up large collaborative projects

Customer support and search for solutions to specific problems

Plasturgy is a sector whose processes and materials are constantly changing. FaiveleyTech today is a driver of current transformations and trends:


A central issue in the automobile market, lightening is at the heart of FaiveleyTech’s concerns. Development of environmentally friendly solutions is a priority for the group.

Intelligent plastics

In collaboration with S2P, a stakeholder in these new technologies, we also have the capacity to overmould intelligent components thanks to the development of the MID (Moulded Interconnect Device) and plastronics.
We also work on the development of connected objects integrating NFC and RFID functions with plastic parts.

The materials of the future

The FaiveleyTech group is driving the beneficial transformation of metal into plastic (economical, lighter, function-integrated).

Function integration  

Cleanliness and quality issues are an integral part of our innovation analysis.

Our partners

To support us, we work with several partners who are big names in our markets and also in our trade: