Faively Plast Industry

Our Industry Business Unit develops and produces high-performance global solutions for our partners in the mobility, construction and equipment sectors. Our ambition is to support them in their digital and ecological transitions.
To meet expectations of precision, endurance, resistance, lightening and/or concentration of functions, our teams create manufacturing processes that ingeniously combine :
Technical audacity.
The combination of numerous specialities in the field of injection moulding.
Feedback from renowned sites and market leaders.

Manufacturing know-how

Mechatronics / Plastronics

This term refers to any product enabling the capture or transmission of a signal or input. Our main applications in this field include sensors, connectors, coils, actuators, knobs and technical housings.

Kinematics & transmission systems

This term refers to components capable of transmitting or transforming a mechanical motion. We are experts in manufacturing products such as bearing boxes, strut/clutch bearing washers, pulleys, gears, etc.

Fluid management

This term refers to any product capable of transferring a fluid (air, water, oil, fuel, etc.) and/or providing tightness. Our multiple applications include pump housings, hydro blocks, fittings, seals, cylinders, flaps, etc.

Other applications

We also develop legacy product expertise in particular applications such as automotive vanity mirrors or paper dispensers.

Technical expertise

Raw materials used

Basic technical thermoplastics: PA, PBT, POM, ABS.
High temperature materials: PPA, PPS, etc.
Other technical polymers: PEEK, LCP, PSU, etc.
Soft materials: Silicone, TPU, TPE, etc.

High speed/micro injection moulding

Specific electrical injection machines are used for technical products weighing less than a 0.10 gram.

Precision injection moulding

High capacity multi-cavity processes, instrumented to combine zero defects and mass production.

Two-shot moulding

The absolute technology for bonding several raw materials together and cumulating their characteristics, whether chemically or mechanically. Many different combinations available.


Our leading technology for plastic-metal assemblies. Overmoulding enables us to accumulate any type of inserts on a single part.

Liquid silicone rubber injection

The best-in-class thermosetting raw material used in one-shot injection moulding, or even two-shot moulding with thermoplastic materials.

Hollow mouldings

We are able to design and operate moulds with extremely complex kinematics.


An alternative to overmoulding, it involves post-moulding VA adjunction in a variety of modes: from fully manual to fully automated.


The newly acquired plastic machining capability allows us to improve the moulding precision and perform retouch operations on site.

Production of tools

Plastic machining, a technology we introduced recently, enables us to go beyond precision moulding or to carry out on-site revision operations.


In addition to maintaining and repairing moulds, we are also capable of manufacturing injection moulds for certain product applications. Based on our highly diversified portfolio, we are able and eager to serve mould manufacturers worldwide.

Expert support


Our teams will step in as plastic injection moulding experts and assist your project teams in optimising your moulding process or making it feasible. We have the appropriate expertise (internal or external resources) and tools (CAD, filling simulation, simulators, etc.) to achieve this.


Our primary vision is to design, develop and implement full solutions (moulds as well as peripheric devices), but we also have the capability of managing production transfers, whether internal or external.


Delivering everywhere while ensuring excellent service requires sound management of the supply chain and a wide range of possibilities. We have those capabilities.

  • Co design
  • Industrialization
  • Innovation
  • Logistics/Purchase

Quality Mindset

  1. Faiveley Plast POLICYPOLICYOur culture is based on zero defects and zero incidents. Quality depends on everybody and is addressed as early as practicable. Great results are achieved by earnest work and personal commitment.
  2. Faiveley Plast CertificationsCertificationsAll of our Industry facilities are certified:
    • ISO 9001
    • IATF 16949
    • IS0 14001
    • IS0 50001
  3. Faiveley Plast QUALITY CONTROLQUALITY CONTROLWe use the same quality management tools as the automotive industry: FMEA, PPAP, 8Ds, QRQC management, etc.
  4. Faiveley Plast CONTROL PROCESSESCONTROL PROCESSESWe have a wide array of control processes, both generic and specific to our strategy. These processes are standardised in all our facilities, while others are also embedded in the manufacturing process.