Faively Plast Pharma

Our Healthcare Business Unit designs, industrialises and produces plastic solutions injected in a cleanroom environment to support the development of our customers, pharmaceutical laboratories, diagnostic and medical device manufacturers.
Our know-how, together with FaiveleyTech Group's innovation capabilities and performance, enable us to offer appropriate, market-specific solutions.
For over 20 years we have been the renowned suppliers of clients such as pharmaceutical companies, diagnostics laboratories and medical device manufacturers.

Manufacturing know-how

Drug delivery & pharmaceutical packaging

Our applications are compliant with pharmaceutical standards for delivery modes:
• Pulverisation: pumps, sprays, nozzles, special tips, inhalers;
• Parenteral injection: syringes, needle protectors, auto-injectors;
• Pressure: single-dose, one-piece cannulas.


We offer 2 ranges of products for our clients in the diagnostics market:
• Handling of liquid samples with manual pipettes and other components for sampling systems;
• Transparent consumables, such as aspiration cones, tubes, cups, etc.

Medical devices

The wide variety of tailor-made medical devices requires a multi-technology approach that draws upon:
• Miniaturisation: micro-cavity moulds, management of micro-component transfers in clean rooms;
• Management of hollow mouldings;
• Control of high thickness mouldings;
• Complex moulding kinematics for high temperature or ultra-fluid material injection.

Our production processes are compliant with Category I, II and III medical device standards.

Technical expertise

Controlled atmosphere production

• ISO 7 and ISO 8 compliant rooms
• Dedicated workshops
• Clean environment control
• Integrated particle and microbiological control
• 30 hydraulic and electrical injection machines, with poly-articulated robot cells and cavity separators

Transformation of biocompatible technopolymers

Flexible elastomers: TPE, TPU


Multi-cavity injection moulding of micro-components measuring a few milligrams in length:
• Hollow mouldings
• Spherical mouldings
• Micro-tubes

High temperature injection

• Multiple-shape parts made of implantable-grade PEEK
• Management of ultra-thin walls

Technical overmoulding

• SEBS valves and membranes on PP or PBT hinges
• Plastic-metal or plastic-only assemblies

Pad printing

• 2 high-speed machines with 4 colours and 16 clampings
• One ISO 7 compliant workshop
• Multiple-area camera control

Expert support

Co-design and industrialisation

• Stepping in upstream as plastic injection moulding experts, our teams will enhance the design of your parts and ensure moulding feasibility with tools such as CAD, filling, simulation, etc.
• Development and industrialisation of turn-key solutions

Process qualification

• We handle the validation cycle of full processes: parts, multi-cavity moulds, injection machines, robots, finish.
• Validation protocols: Factory Acceptance Tests, Site Acceptance Tests, IQ, OQ, PQ

Finishing operations

• Semi-automatic assembling
• Pad printing
• Welding

  • Co design
  • Qualification
  • Completion
  • Innovation

Quality Mindset

  1. Faiveley Plast POLICYPOLICYOur products are the result of a continual improvement approach with a focus on zero defects, operating safety, and environmental acceptability.
    This on-going approach is based on an organisation structured around highly empowered teams.
  2. Faiveley Plast CertificationsCertifications• ISO 9 001
    • ISO 13 485
    • Good Manufacturing Practices
    • FDA 21 CFR - Part 820 requirements
  3. Faiveley Plast QUALITY CONTROLQUALITY CONTROL• Integrated particle and microbiological control laboratory
    • 2859-1 standard compliant sampling rules for control
    • TAGUCHI-based experimental plan
    • FMECA, SPC
  4. Faiveley Plast CONTROL PROCESSESCONTROL PROCESSES• Pressure sensor-controlled injection moulding
    • Optical camera control
    • Individual moulding traceability